Which visa type should German choose: Vietnam E-visa or Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

According to the latest official notice form Vietnam Immigration Regulations, the second visa exemption has been extended for 05 European countries, in which Germany is still in Vietnam visa exemption list effectively until 31 June 2018. Therefore German passport holder who is currently living in Germany or other countries with at least 6 months valid, can enjoy Vietnam visa-free of the length of stay of less than 15 days for single entry. If you wish to enter Vietnam at least two consecutive times without visa, the next entry must be at least 30 days after the previous exit. If you enter Viet Nam the first time with visa, then the next entry without visa can be less than 30 days after your previous exit.

If German travelers plan to stay longer than 15 days, it is obligatory to get Vietnam visa. At present, there are 3 ways to obtain Vietnam visa: getting visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam electric visa (Vietnam E-visa). Applying for Vietnam visa at Embassy is a traditional way to obtain visa offline, whereas with Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam E-visa, all procedure is completed online.

German citizens can apply entry visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Germany. The application must be submitted in person with your original passport and relevant documents.



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To compare with Vietnam Embassy visa, Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam E-visa are much easier and quicker way to obtain Vietnam visa. Although both two kinds of visa are legally issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, there are some points indicating the differences between these two options as below:

  1. Beneficiaries

While Vietnam visa on arrival is applied for all German wish to enter Vietnam at any of 6 Vietnam international airports, Vietnam E-visa allows citizen of Germany using all travelling way including land, sea and air travel.

  1. Purpose and validity of visa

Vietnam E-visa is just accepted for tourist purpose of 30 days single entry only, whereas Vietnam visa on arrival allows German visitors with any purpose of tourist, business, visiting family, friend and others during 1 months, 3 months, 6 months or 1 years.

  1. Vietnam Visa Fee

The fee of Vietnam visa on arrival is decided depend on the type of visa, the number of applicants, the processing time and it will be refunded in case your visa application is refused. It will take 1 to 2 working days or even few hours to receive the visa approval letter.

On the other hand, if German travelers choose to apply for Vietnam E-visa, they will have to pay US $25 and wait 3 working days to know if their Vietnam visa application is approved or not. And there will be no refund, if Vietnam Immigration Department refuse the visa application.

Overall, As Vietnam E-visa is still quite new, you may be faced with unexpected risks. Vietnam visa on arrival is better and safer solution at the moment.

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