10 things I learn from my Vietnam trip

This post is quoted from an US traveller after his memorable trip to Vietnam.

After a two-week trip to Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Da Nang, Halong Bay and Hanoi, I have changed my mind a lot about what I used to think of Vietnam. Here are what I learned from my Vietnam trip.


  1. Vietnam War is already in the past 

In spite of the war between Vietnam and America has been end up for over 60 years, there are still consequences until now. However, there is no grudges against American in Vietnamese’s mind. Nowadays, Vietnam becomes a socialist market economy and have invited the world including China, America, French (old enemies) to invest in the new Vietnam. Everyone is looking forward to a better life with social and economic growth.

  1. Passing by the crowded Street

The number of motorbikes in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha noi will freak you out. There are endless stampede of motorbikes from various directions making it virtually impossible to cross the street. The very first thing you should do is just keep going pass the way because these motorbikes will avoid you to continue moving.



Keep calm and you can feel a little interest in Hanoi streets


  1. Have everything well prepared

A guidebook is very necessary when travelling, but it is more interesting to meet the locals to explore the culture. It is advised to recruit a guide who will introduce you to the cities of Vietnam as well as help you comunicate with the locals. It will offer you a chance to sample local specialties of the region and know about a lot of unique culture of each area which you will never know in case travelling yourself with a guidebook.



Sample of popular Vietnam guide book – which can be easily found in any Vietnamese bookstore


  1. Learn useful Vietnamese Words

Almost tourists do not bother to spend time to learn two simple Vietnamese words such as Xin chào (hello), Cảm ơn (thank you) anh xin lỗi (sorry). However, It is worthy to learn when you will see amazed smiles on Vietnamese faces. It is a simple courtesy, but it brings an unexpected happiness to your trip.

  1. Spend time enjoying by yourself

Do not be afraid to have a walk alone because it’s always a good time to feel deeply and enjoy every moment on your own. You can explore new things, new friends or simply just look the daily lives of the locals that can become one of your best memories.

  1. Join a traditional cooking class

Making Vietnam dishes with a mentor is a good way to understand deeply about Vietnam cuisine. You will have a chance to experience a trip to the local market with many fresh ingredient and unique spices of Vietnam. After finishing the class, it is expected that you can make fresh, tasty sping rolls, Pho or other local specialties. To understand & experience true Vietnamese cuisine as a local, you can take some reference here: https://cityinsight.vn/tour-types/cuisine-tours.html

  1. Remember name and address of the place you are going to stay

Apart from famous hotel in town, there are plenty of hotels or hostels in Vietnam. In addition, just some taxi driver or cyclo driver can speak English, so it is easier for taxi driver or anyone who taking you back to the hotel if you can provide the name and the address of your hotel in Vietnamese.

  1. Wise choice in Halong cruise

If you have a plan to visit Halong Bay, there are many kinds of boats for your choice to enjoy all the romantic photos of the limestone mountains. You should be careful to check the quality of the boat as well as all additional service provided because it places an important role in making your experience the most authentic.

  1. Bargaining is always interesting

There are plenty of shops selling various types of products at affordable price in Vietnam. It is an ideal place for any shoppers. However, visitors especially foreigners are always charged with higher price. It is important to make a bargain to get a better deal as well as optimize the cost of the trip. You can increase price from the bottom to the top until meeting the agreed price between two parties.

  1. Vietnam visa on arrival is much more easier than I expected. 

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