Beautiful Tet Holiday for an US traveller

Tet is a special celebration in Vietnam. There are a lot of foreigners coming to the country in this event to enjoy the traditional and cultural atmosphere. In this article, we will show you some main features of beautiful Tet holidays in Vietnam.

Tet – the beginning of the wonderful New Year

Tet or Lunar New Year is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. It marks the arrival of spring and a new year based on the lunar calendar. On Tet, most of the streets and local’s house are decorated red and yellow. Also, they buy some flowers to decorate their homes such as chrysanthemums or orchids. These flowers will be put into beautiful pots in front of or inside the house.

Fireworks are also shot to welcome a New Year on Lunar New Year’s Eve. It is organized in large cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue or Da Nang, on the sky of the best tourist attractions of the destinations.



Tet is the most special occasion for Vietnamese


Tet holiday is the time for many kinds of flower

As Tet happens in spring, you can easily see thousands of kinds of flower stretch from north to south. However, there are two main kinds of flower that are the symbol for this occasion. The north in Vietnam is famous for peach blossom, while apricot blossom is well-known in the south. However, there is a tree that can’t be miss in every house of Vietnam, it is kumquat tree. It is not only for decoration but also a lucky sign to Vietnamese on Tet.

Spring flower festival is also organized in many destinations with a lot of flowers displayed. It is like a small paradise for you to enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers and ornamental plants.

Vietnamese traditional foods on Tet holiday

Coming to Vietnam on Tet holiday, US citizens shouldn’t miss the traditional food at this time. Some traditional foods are Banh Chung (sticky rice cake), Gio Cha (Vietnamese sausage), Mut (Vietnamese jam), Thit Kho Nuoc Dua (pork and boiled eggs stewed in coconut juice), and Cu Kieu (pickled small leeks). Among of them,  “Mut” is kind of fruit jam that you can buy as gifts for your family members and friends when you return to your country.



Every region has its own preparation for Tet “food” but the highted food are still “Banh chung”, “Gio cha”, …

How to get a visa for Vietnam from USA?

All US citizens who want to visit Vietnam have to get a legitimate Vietnam Visa. There are 3 ways for you to obtain it.

  1. Through Vietnam Embassy.

You have to go directly to the Embassy to apply for Vietnam Visa. For detail instructions, please contact Vietnam Embassy. There are two offices of Vietnam Embassy in the US:

  • Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, United States

Address: 1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA

Tel: (1-202) 861 073

Fax: (1-202) 861 0917

  • Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, United States

Address: 1700 California St, Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel: (1415) 922 1577

Fax: (1415) 922 1577

  1. VOA Vietnam with

This type of visa is for those who travel to Vietnam by air only. You can apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival anytime and anywhere even if you do it close to your travel date as we have urgent service for this situation. After processing your application form, we will send you an Approval Letter only after 4 hours if you choose it. This letter is used for getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam airport check-in counter. You have to pay US$135 for visa stamp fee.

Detailed fee and varied type basing on your purpose to get visa for Vietnam are written so clear HERE. 

  1. Applying for Vietnam e-visa.

You can apply for Vietnam e- visa on the website

E-visa is a new type of Vietnam visa, so check with your airline before booking a flight as some certain airlines or even immigration staff at the airports may not have been aware and may refuse it.

Tet is a big opportunity for you to know more about Vietnamese’s life and culture. With the beauty of Vietnam on Tet holidays, you may have the most wonderful experience on your journey to Vietnam.

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