Places that Canadian can visit without Vietnam visa

Vietnam is an attractive and beautiful country that more and more foreigners like to visit, especially Canadian citizens. Besides, Phu Quoc Island is a wonderful destination which has been known as a “Paradise Pearl Island” for leisure travelers. It is famous for its fascinating white-sand beaches and large tracts still cloaked in dense, tropical jungle. This island is also the place that citizens of Canada and foreigners from over the world can travel to without Vietnam Visa.

Phu Quoc is designated as a Special Economic Zone. To develop the island, the Vietnamese Government decided Vietnam Visa Exemption for foreigners staying up to 30 days here without Vietnam visa. In other words, Canadian can stay on Phu Quoc Island in 30 days with visa-free. This decision was issued by Nguyen Tan Dung-Prime President and has been taken effect since March 10th 2014. However, there are some conditions for this visa exemption. Please take a look at the following requirements.

  • Passport with 6-month validity counting from your arrival date.
  • A round-trip air ticket for enter and exit Phu Quoc is required.
  • Your stay on this island must be less than 30 days.



Breathtaking nature beauty of Phu Quoc Island


In case traveler would like to explore other cities in the mainland, then Vietnam visa will be compulsory for Canadian passport holders. There are 2 options to get Vietnam Visa for Canadian citizens, including:

  • Applying for a Vietnam visa for your whole Vietnam trip before visiting Phu Quoc Island; OR
  • Travel to Phu Quoc Island with Vietnam visa exemption and then obtain Vietnam visa for your longer stay in other cities in Vietnam.

In case the first option is selected, citizens of Canada can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival which is a simple, convenient and effective way for you to get Vietnam Visa if you enter at any Vietnam international airports including Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Danang, Cat Bi and Cam Ranh airport. If you want to go to Vietnam by land or sea, you should apply for a Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy in Canada. Make sure this office is convenient for your location. There is only one office of Vietnam Embassy in Canada:

  • Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA
  • Tel: (1613) 236 0772
  • Fax: (1613) 236 270

Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island. The 574 – heart-shaped island, along with 22 other islands, forms Phu Quoc island district. Thanks to this visa policy, it is expected to help transform the world-famous tourist Phu Quoc destination into a national and international hi-end holiday heaven. With this amazing news of visa exemption, you, residents of Canadian, can fully enjoy the time on Phu Quoc Island and freely visit this amazing destination of Vietnam with 30 days without Vietnam Visa.