Do all foreigners need Vietnam visa to enter this country for leisure or business purpose?

With the trend of travelling to Vietnam at the moment, so as to promote the national tourism, the Vietnamese Government has not only simplified its procedure towards Vietnam visa but also allowed certain nationals to stay in Vietnam for a certain period of time without a visa. However, in some cases, visitors still have to apply for Vietnam visa, and it is normally thought that a visa to Vietnam is a bit complicated to obtain. Absolutely, Vietnam is now open and friendly welcomes tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is not only obvious but also simple if you know the way to apply.

When foreigners can get Vietnam Visa Exemption

To best assist you in answering if all foreigners need Vietnam visa to enter this country for leisure or business purpose, this following list will bring you some useful cases in which visitors don’t need to apply visa to Vietnam:

  1. A 30-day visa exemption for citizens of Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Laos.
  2. A 21-day visa exemption for citizens of Philippines
  3. A 15-day visa exemption for citizens of France, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia
  4. A 90-day visa exemption for citizens of Chile

For further details, kindly select your Nationality on the homepage of website For example, you can check exact Visa requirements for Malaysian citizens by simply selecting “Malaysia” on the searching box “Citizens of” .


Check carefully Vietnam visa requirements even in case your nationality is exempted from Vietnam Visa

When foreigners need to apply for a visa to Vietnam

If your nationality is not in those above exemption list then a valid Vietnam visa will be needed. There are probably two ways for obtaining Vietnam visa which are Vietnam Embassy Visa and Vietnam Visa On Arrival. Getting visa at Vietnam embassy may be a traditional method which has the visa already on your original passport before your Vietnam trip while the latter is to apply online, get approval letter via email in advance and then get visa stamped at Vietnam international airports.

However, you may find it difficult to apply directly if Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate is not available in your city and it may take at least 4 to 5 days to process visa. Therefore, in this case, using a Vietnam Visa online service or Vietnam visa on arrival can make this requirement fairly easy. Visa on arrival is simply understood as a visa applied for those entering Vietnam by air only, get Approval letter in advance via email and then and get visa stamped on original passport at Vietnam arrival airport. Normally, it will take 1 working day (urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service) to get approval letter. Then other documents including passport, 2 photos and stamping fee will be prepared to submit to Immigration Office at Vietnam airport to get full visa stamped on original passport.

One more point is that the service also facilitates customers at best in this case. We get what is called a ‘Vietnam Approval Letter’ for you from the Vietnam Immigration Department. Then we will send you a copy by fax or email. The same document’s copies will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam Immigration Checkpoints at International Airports only. Right after you arrive in Vietnam, the Immigration officers will have those documents on hand and will be able to issue your Entry Visa expediently. With this advantageous way of getting visa, you will enjoy a wonderful trip without worrying about the visa’s problem that may occur!

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