Vietnam visa requirements for Hongkong citizens & legal ways to obtain Vietnam Visa

There are more and more Hong Kong citizens traveling to Vietnam. For those who still wonder about Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders, this article will help you get your answers.

Vietnam visa requirement

Until now, if Hong Kong passport holders want to visit Vietnam, you must have Vietnam visa to enter the country. There are two legal ways for Hong Kong residents to obtain Vietnam visa.

Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam consulate in Hong Kong

If you wish to get Vietnam visa traditionally, apply for it at Vietnam Consulate in Hong Kong. It means you have to go to Vietnam consulate and directly apply for Vietnam visa there. Before you travel to the consulate for visa, it is required to prepare and bring the following things:

  • 1 passport-size photo
  • Some US dollar for fee
  • A visa application form (it is available on the Internet and at the consulate)
  • Your original passport (check it to be sure it still has at least 6 months validity since its expiration date).

Your Vietnam visa is issued by Vietnam Embassy. You will need to wait for 4 to 5 days as they need time to check and consider your form. If it is accepted, they will send your passport having the visa stamped on it by post.

Since the cost for Vietnam visa and its procedure may differ from consulate to consulate, you are highly recommended to contact the consulate of Vietnam in Hong Kong for detail instructions.

Below is information of Vietnam Consulate in Hongkong:

  • Address: 15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China
  • Phone: (852) 2591 4517
  • Fax: (852) 2591 4524
  • Email: [email protected]

Beautiful Ninh Binh in Vietnam

Getting Vietnam Visa in Hongkong at

The citizens of Hong Kong traveling to Vietnam by air for leisure or business purpose can obtain Vietnam visa on arrival. There is no need to give us your passport. Moreover, a lot of people like this way for the simple, and convenience. Below are how it works and steps to apply for the visa:

  • Complete the secured online application form. Please check again before confirming to be sure your information is all correct. You can do it offline by downloading the form and send it to the email of our company.
  • Pay for the service fee online. Its details can be found on our website. It is possible to make the payment online by Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay/ PayPal or Western Union. Then after 5 minutes, a confirmation email will be sent back to your registered email.
  • Within 2 days (normal service) or 1 day (urgent service), you will receive your Visa Approval Letter via email.
  • Print the letter and the form, prepare 2 photos (passport-size which are recently taken) and money for getting stamped at Vietnam arrival airport (it must be exchange to US dollar and paid by cash).

Although the procedure to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival is done online, all the information you provided when applying for visa on our website and the payment gateways are highly secured and governed by Vietnamese Immigration Department.

If you have any questions, please access the website Don’t forget to take all the things above with you as they are needed to get your Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport check-in counter. The issuing unit of this kind of visa is Vietnamese Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa is very important if you wish to enter Vietnam, especially all Hong Kong passport holders and foreigners living in Hong Kong and not included in Vietnam exemption list must obtain it if you want to travel to Vietnam. Therefore, consider and choose one of the above ways to apply for Vietnam visa before taking a flight to Vietnam.

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