How much money does a New Zealander need for a Vietnam trip?

Conceivably, travelers all over the world, especially New Zealanders usually see Vietnam as a cheap travel destination and it’s real that you can spend the whole trip consisting food, accommodation, transportation on a very reasonable fund. The answer here is absolutely true! Thus we will not hesitate to share the estimated average costs you may have to prepare for your holiday to Vietnam!

It can be believed that the estimated expenses spent for one day in Vietnam was about $36. However, when you come during Lunar New Year festival or on any special occasions, all busses and trains may double in price then you should travel to Vietnam for even less at any other time of the year. In any circumstance, you always have to think about at least these essential fees basically needed for your trip to this country!

Vietnam Visa Fee

There are two common ways of getting a Vietnam visa for you excursion: applying through the Embassy in New Zealand and applying visa on arrival. In case you are about to get a visa on arrival, be aware that you need to pay two kinds of fee: Service fee and Stamping fee. The rate is publicly announced in Government website and you will receive a red bill for the payment.

For the applicants getting visa from Embassy, applying for a letter of admission from the Vietnamese Embassy may cost around $17, and you have to pay for your visa at the airport which costs $25 for a 30 day single entry visa. For detailed pricing and useful guide to get Vietnam Visa from New Zealand, kindly click on:


Undoubtedly, the cost for accommodation in Vietnam is quite reasonable for foreign travelers. Hostels and dorms are nearly everywhere with a good guarantee to provide full furnished condition, including Wi-Fi, warm showers, and even dishes for breakfast is included, in which only $7 will have to be spent on dorms or shared rooms when you are in Vietnam. The excellence and sanitation of the room is up to the money you paid for.



Subtle view from Le Bleau – a homestay in Hanoi


Taxis which are widely used by foreign tourists are pretty cheap when going with trustworthy suppliers like Taxi Group or Mai Linh, etc. You will be more comfortable without worrying as they don’t fix their meters to take advantage of innocent tourists, thus it never cost too much for a trip with taxi. They were even dramatically much cheaper than the prices motorbike taxis quoted. Other options you can try are overnight busses and trains that can be booked directly instead of booking through the agent from your hostel.


Foods and Beverages

Cuisine must be the best thing of your Vietnam trip ever, in which you can enjoy many dishes such as soup, wrap and spring rolls or all kinds of tasty noodles cooked with meat that you can easily get with a bargain, only around $1.50 on a lunch or dinner of street food.  A definitely good tip for you is going to places that don’t have an English menu, especially full of local people and look simple. The food served on the street always the fantastic choice for every tourist! Also, you can find out the amazing cheap and delicious Vietnamese coffee style which is mixed up with sugared condensed milk to create sweet taste!



Ta Hien Street in Hanoi – where tourist can get the excited vibe with cool beers

Cheap and Expensive places in Vietnam         

Saigon might be the best overall deal with really delicious street food and reasonable tasty beer for only 50 cents. If you want to save cost for your limited budget trip, don’t spend much in Hanoi, where almost things are quite more expensive, which costs $2-3 on meals instead usual $1 in another place. Although Hanoi was a little bit more expensive, it’s still amazingly cheap compared to your city and easy to enjoy on a budget.

Other Incidentals

Another ridiculous cheap thing is SIM cards in which one can get a month of data for only $5, along with some calling minutes and text messages. It’s almost silly not to get a SIM when you are in Vietnam.  You should choose the common suppliers as Viettel and Mobifone which provide great coverage and can be found in any city! Beer is also considerably cheap and pretty tasty at around 50 cents to one dollar each.You can also enjoy the amazing cheap custom clothing and shoes around the local markets as well!

Ultimately, if you are having a holiday in Vietnam, just feel free as you don’t have to worry much about the expenses during the trip by reason of  low cost here! Now what are you waiting for but go ahead to explore the most wonderful country in the Southeast Asia!