5 things to make your Vietnam trip easier

At present, Vietnam is in the list of the most attractive destinations in Asia for travelers all around the worlds. Before your Vietnam trip, there are plenty of things have to prepare such as choosing the time, place to visit, preparing all neccessary document, obtaining the correct currency, etc. Here are few steps to get through it quickly and simply.

  1. Choose the right time to come

In case visiting to the North of Vietnam, from November to April is the best period to take pleasure in the more favorable weather than any time of the year. On the other hand, you can enjoy a warm climate in South of Vietnam all over the year, with normal temperature of 270C. It’s better to check in advance if the area you are planning to visit is affected by wet or showery season.

Apart from Christmas and Lunar New Year (end of January and beginning of February), there are many Vietnamese festivals and fairs such as Saigon Liberation Day (April 30th), International Labor Day (May 1st) and Vietnam National Day (September 2nd), etc.


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  1. Decide the travel method you would like to pursuit

An travel agency can support you with your flight tickets, travel itinerary and place to stay besides prevent you from unexpected incidents such as being ripped off, getting lost, or even being stolen in a strange country. However it is more interesting to have a local guide to show you the sights as well as enjoy local tasty cuisine. The average price of most hotels is about $25 for a day, excluding personal costs, to give you day tours. Tour guides can generally speak English, French, Chinese, Russian or Japanese so just have no worry about language barriers.

  1. Get Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa is required for almost all travelers in the world before entering Vietnam (except for the countries in the Vietnam Visa Exemption list). The most popular method to obtain a visa is Vietnam visa on arrival. You will apply via simple online procedure to get your Visa stamped at Vietnam arrival passport. Normally, it just takes about 1 – 2 workings day to complete the process or you can contact via [email protected] to get further information.  Vietnam Embassy is another place to get Vietnam visa as well but if you are traveling to Vietnam by air and prefer convenience, cost time-saving process, Vietnam visa online will be the best option.

Also, before you decide to apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival, you can check your visa requirements or guide to get Vietnam visa right in the trusted source in Internet. For example, if you are New Zealand citizens, you can select “New Zealand” in the box “Citizens of” on the homepage Vietnam-visa.com to know how to get visa to Vietnam from New Zealand.


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  1. Prepare for vaccines and other medical preventative measures

It is neccessary to protect yourself when traveling in a strange country which you don’t know if it is home of any kind of virus. You should visit and ask your doctor which vaccines are currently required or recommended for Vietnam as well as find out more information about other medications, such as anti-malaria and anti-diarrhea drugs.

  1. Vietnam currency

In Vietnam, US dollars can be used in big hotels and tourist hubs, but you still need the official currency of Vietnam for remote areas and local markets. The airport, banks, hotels and jewelry shops are the place you can exchange money.

Other tips such as:

  • Understand the entry and exit procedures at customs.
  • Buy a guidebook to learn a few helpful phrases in Vietnamese
  • Use a money belt is a safe and comfortable way of storing money.

Hope you find those 5 things useful for the coming Vietnam trip. Please well prepare and head off to the peaceful country! For further support, feel free to contact us through Hotline +84. 946.583.583 or email [email protected].