Vietnamese life in the city

Unlike life in countryside which is often considered to be simple and traditional, life in the city is modern and complicated. People, from different regions, move to the cities in the hope of having a better life for them and their children. The inhabitants in city work as office secretaries, merchants, teachers, government workers, factory workers and even street vendor or construction workers.

Life of Vietnamese in the cities - Vietnam travel overview

The high cost of living requires city-dwellers, especially someone with low income to work harder or to take a part-time job. For some people, everyday start as usual by getting up in the early morning to do exercise in public parks, preparing for a full day of working and studying, then immersing in crowed boulevards or narrow streets filled with motor scooters and returning home after a busy day. They usually live in large houses, great mansions, and high-rise apartment blocks or even in a small rental equipped with modern amenities like the internet, telephone, television, satellite communication facilities and so on. Industrialization and modernization as well as global integration have big impact on lifestyle in the cities. The most noticeable impact is the Western style of clothes. The “Ao Dai”- Vietnamese traditional clothes are no longer regularly worn in Vietnamese women daily life. Instead, jeans, T-shirt and fashionable clothes are widely preferred.