Sweet and sour mango girdle cake in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is famous for not only many tourist spots and beautiful beaches, but a lot of good food and unique dishes such as white rice vermicelli with fish or jelly-fish, eel, blood cockle cooked with tamarind, squid, girdle cakes… Mango girdle cake is one of unique dishes that is rustic but so appetizing. That cake has become a famous brand name in Khanh Hoa.

Mango girdle cake has the same shape to a girdle cake. However, the ingredients to make the cake are ripe mangoes and a little sugar.


There are lashings of sweet mangoes in Khanh Hoa. Therefore, people here take advantage of the number of mangoes to make delicious cakes that you can preserve for a longer time. It is very easy and simple to make the mango cake. You just need to choose ripe mangoes, clean and peel them. After that, you use a scraping knife to grate them until touching the mango seed.


Then you pour mango juice and a little sugar into a pot. Next, you both heat and stir until the mixture becomes viscid.

The final step is drying cake under the sun for two days. That is all. The cake tastes sour, sweet and aromatic from mangoes. Finally,you just need to preserve the cake into platic bags and enjoy with friends and family