Mud bath in Nha Trang

Mud bath has been known for a long time in the world and it’s also realized as one of the best measures for caring health and skin. In Vietnam, Thap Ba Hot Spring Center honorably took initiative in developing mud bath and hot mineral water soak, creating a wonderful gift for Human beings, diversifying tour services, and contributing to tourism development of Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

mud-bath-nha-trang-vietnam-highlightsConvalescent services of Thap Ba Hot Spring Center have been continually upgraded and renewed to meet the demand of tourists at home and abroad. You can also choose for yourselves  a reasonable options from following services: V.I.P Spa – a private and premier place for relaxation, a combination between mud bath, hot mineral water, and body massage therapy will cause you fresh feelings and extreme relaxation. Tien Sa Mineral Mud Bath- an out-door and private place for relaxation, Customers will feel relaxed with a series of recreational out- door services  and foot massage therapy. Special mineral mud bath-providing the own tub for the couples or families of 2 – 8 people. Communal mud bath- a collective tub for a group of people from 15 – 20.

Following the above services, Customers can enjoy other like: Tien Sa Mineral Bath, warm mineral swimming-pool, double water-fall, hydrotherapy,… Besides, services of Massage, steam bath, barbershop, restaurant  are available for you.

Mineral Mud bath recognized by Health Ministry, not only bring benefits to the health and relaxation, but it also treats some diseases such as stress, arthritis, muscular, joint rheumatism, and gynecologic inflammation, etc……..

Due to the stickiness, mineral mud is considered as natural cosmetic which can effectively clean and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it finer and smoother. For that reasons, , Thap Ba Hot Spring Center has launched, beside convalescent services, products for skin care such as: high- quality Shiva mineral mud and natural mineral mud which have been acknowledged and encouraged by Customers, and chosen  to be a gift for friends and relatives.

A picturesque beauty-spot, smooth skin, hospitality, and extreme relaxation will all create a good impression to travelers when visiting Thap Ba Hot Spring Center, a short poem uttered by a visitor:

“Not yet go, not yet know

Getting there, you will recognize Nha Trang’s value

With swimming in the sea and soaking in mud bath

We can soak together in the lake on the mountain”