Criteria of a modern house for rent in Hanoi

When looking for a house to rent, people are likely to find the one close to their lifestyle in hometown so that they will feel like home. Among a lot of properties for rent in Hanoi with different ranges of type and price, choosing an ideal home can be challenging to foreigners. These following elements of a modern house in Hanoi which distinguish it from a traditional one will help you have an overview of the market.

1. Ideal location

The very first criterion of a modern house is advantageous position. How is an advantageous position? It can be simply defined as civilized residential community and convenient transportation. A landlord will be more confident when offering a high rental to customers if their house is in foreigners-populated complex, close to country embassies, convenient to take a taxi or easy to reach bus station.

2. Large area with separate rooms

Compared to a hostel or a long-term suite hotel room, a house for rent is usually bigger with 2 or more storeys. A typical house for rent in Hanoi often has 2-3 bedrooms with area from 60 to 80 square meters. Living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are reasonably separated, some large houses even have one bathroom in each bedroom. This separation not only secures privacy but also creates cozy common living space for everyone in the house. You can find a lot of villas or houses around West Lake even have car garage, garden with green grass and flowers and swimming pool. Those properties suit the best to big families and of course, with strong financial condition.

3. Fully furnished

Most renters looking for a house are people commit to stay there in a long time; therefore, the landlord is willing to make a huge investment into furniture and amenities from bed, sofa, wardrobe, electric appliances to cookware, bedding, pillow, etc. And they have an elegant taste to buy things not only match with interior design but also have good quality. Therefore, the tenants do not have to care about buying new ones when moving in but just show up with personal items. Particularly, the house owners pay attention to an equipped and big kitchen where lessees can cook themselves because they understand not everyone likes eating local food all the time.

4. Convenient neighborhood

Besides necessities in the house itself, neighborhood is also a criterion to evaluate its value. A modern rental house is often located in convenient areas where residents can have a quick access to school, hospital, shopping mall, gym club, supermarket, amusement park, etc. It has gone the days when talking about Hanoi hub, only the Old Quarter and West Lake come to your mind. With fast development in real estate segment recently, some areas like Tu Liem District (around Keangnam Landmark and The Manor), Cau Giay District or Ba Dinh District (Kim Ma Street) also see both local residents and expats flock to for a long-term accommodation.

5. Safety and security

Unlike rental apartments where there are available security staff, receptionist and building management staff during 24 hours per day, renting a house means that you need to protect your assets by yourself. For foreigners, it’s a very important element in order to choose a house for rent because of language barrier and culture difference. Meanwhile a modern house is located in the secure neighborhood (maybe with expat community), its owner often equips their house with key card lock or fingerprint lock and camera system. In that way, they somehow can ease worry of their renters who have not been in Hanoi for so long.

A modern house, with many benefits above, can meet requirements of the most demanding renters. In parallel, it goes along with high rent and strict terms by the landlords because unlike apartment owners, they consider these houses as long-run investment. These perfect houses are hard to find in Hanoi and rented out very fast; therefore, if you are interested in and afford this type, you’d better start the hunt early before coming here. The above advice can be useful references for you in your effort to find a next ideal home.