Vietnamese souvenirs that a Canadian should buy

Each country has own special list of products that visitors should buy, Vietnam either. In this post, we will give you a list of unique souvenirs that Canadian visitors should bring to their home.

  1. Snake wine

If Canada has special ice wine that is made of freeze ripen grapes, Vietnam is well-known for its exotic snake wine. For this kind of wine venomous cobra or scorpion will be infused in rice wine, their venom will be dissolved in wine, therefore, causing no harm.

Instead, the liquor is seen as natural medicine that used to treat different conditions like backache and arthritis. Besides, it is also considered as an effective cure for thousands of years and widely use to increase male virility.

  1. Bamboo and wooden products

Bamboo tree is an essential part of Vietnamese culture and daily life. The solid body of the tree is regarded as a valuable material to make several tools and equipment like chopstick, tray, chairs, decorations, etc. Material made of bamboo is healthy and eco-friendly. Besides, they also have good resistance over time and any kinds of weathers.



Elegant bamboo bowl, plates & chopsticks made in Vietnam

  1. Ao dai

This national custom should be considered as a worth-buying souvenir to bring home from Vietnam. As compared to the traditional version, the design of Ao dai has been modified to meet modern aesthetic conception. But the main spirit of the custom is still remained, it embraces the body of the women and show off their curves. Currently, ao dai is often wore by both men and women.



The elegant long dress


  1. Conical hat

Conical hat is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese people regardless of age, gender or ethnic distinctions.

The origin of conical hat stems from a folk tale related to the history of rice growing in Vietnam. It is a story of a goddess coming down from the sky, wearing a giant hat to protect people from torrential rain. When she was gone, Vietnamese built a temple to honor her as the Rain-shielding Goddess. And they tried to model the giant hat of the goddess by stitching coconut leaves together, that’s why conical hat also known as “non la”. Vietnamese people, especially who live in rural areas often seen wearing conical, its pyramid-like shape protect people from both sunlight and rain.

  1. Silk painting

If you are keen on Vietnamese silk, silk painting is recommended as a unique gift for your friends in Canada. Each painting is a masterpiece that depict a wide range of topic including natural landscape, wildlife animals, human activities. Those paintings are also useful, they can be used as wall decoration, or as a part of Ao Dai.

Visa to Vietnam from Canada

Every Canadian passport holder are obliged to apply for Vietnam Visa prior to your trip regardless of your purposes. If you plan to visit Vietnam by plane, Vietnam Visa on Arrival is highly recommended.

  • You will have to complete an Online Application Form with required information including name, age, number of applicants, etc.
  • You will get your Visa Approval Letter through mail, after making payment. Visa Approval Letter will be sent to you after 1 working day (in urgent case) to 2 working days (normal service). Please check detailed & transparent Vietnam Visa Fee . The price will vary based on your types of visa, number of applicant, etc.
  • Lastly, you will have your visa stamped at the international airport. Do not forget to bring along 2 photos (passport-size), printed Visa Approval Letter, and stamping fee to pay for immigration officer at the airport.

* Note:

  • Please keep in mind that VOA Vietnam are only available for those who enter Vietnam by plane only so if you intend to visit Vietnam by other means of transportation, you are required to come to the nearest Embassy or Consulate to get your Visa.
  • Please double check with your original passport to ensure all you provided information is correct, we do not take responsibility for unwanted incidents caused by your mistakes.

If you have any difficulty in the process of visa application, please do not hesitate to contact us via our mail [email protected] or call (+84) 946 583 583, we will try to help you at our best.