Hue Beef Noodle Soup

If you take a tour to Hue, don’t miss the chance to try bun bo Hue (Hue beef noodle soup) – a specialty of Hue. A bowl of noodles with white noodles, pieces of pig’s trotters… will make unique impression about Hue cuisine.

Whether you are in the North, South or in the Central, “Bun” seems to create unique and specific dishes in each region. However, people in Hue prefer “bun” than any other similar ones because of the style of “bun Hue”. Dishes of Hue style are not only dishes of elegant, sophisticated, precise taste but also those enabling the enjoyers feel the spirit of their processors.  Coming to Hue, either in the morning or afternoon, walking along the small streets, sitting in a streetside stall or in a luxury restaurant, people can easily find “Bun bo Hue”.

hue beef noodle soup - Vietnam special dishes

The major ingredients to cook “bun bo Hue” are beef and pork. Beef is chosen carefully, pork would be taken from elbow down to the pig’s feet. Then take them washed, shaved pork, boiled them about half an hour. After that, they crush lemongrass and put into the boiling water. “Mam ruoc” will be used with suitable quantity in order to create an attractive scent and charming sweetness.

Hue is famous for fussy beauty of each dish. A bowl of “bun bo” seems meager but elegant with sweet broth, white “bun”, few slices of red chilli and lemongrass. Pieces of pork mixed with beef creates delicious dish. The flavor is felt not only by sense but also by smell. In addition, guest must enjoy “bun bo Hue” with banana flower and white basil. Life changes and “bun bo Hue” also has some changes, but it is still a delicious and special dish of Hue which cannot be missed in any visit to Hue.